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Elegoo vs Arduino – Which should you choose?


So you’ve been looking to get an Arduino board and found “Elegoo” brand boards. They’re cheaper, have good reviews, and come in kits with way more accessories than the official boards. So what’s the difference? Are Elegoo boards the same as Arduino boards? ARDUINO First of all, some background on […]

Kerbal Space Program acquired by Take-Two interactive

Squad, the developers of the hit steam game Kerbal Space Program, formally part of the early access program, has announced in a blog post that Kerbal Space Program has been acquired by Take-Two interactive, publisher of the hit GTA franchise developed by Rockstar games. They stated: “Squad and the current […]

Microsoft’s President reacts to WannaCry Outbreak, Criticizes the NSA’s exploitation of secret vulnerabilities

Microsoft’s president Brad smith reacted today on the devastating Wannacry ransomware attack that shut down hospitals and organizations nationwide stating: “Finally, this attack provides yet another example of why the stockpiling of vulnerabilities by governments is such a problem. This is an emerging pattern in 2017. We have seen vulnerabilities […]

Twice the speed of DDR4, DDR5 is on the way for a 2018 release

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (the organization managing memory standards) announced March 30th that DDR5 development was well under way and should be appearing in 2018. More information will be given at a JEDEC event on June 19th. So far we know DDR5 will have double the memory bandwidth and […]