HTC introduces Vive Video for our personal VR theater

HTC announces Vive Video for VR video watching

HTC announced just yesterday on their blog a new VR “app” of sorts available now on Viveport. This application allows for users personal videos to be played in an immersive home theater. It supports regular 2d video with an adjustable viewport size, as well as support for 3d, 180 and 360 degree video, perfect for VR as users can dynamically move their heads around in the video.

This new experience is perfect for enthusiasts out there who have been hesitating on getting an HTC vive, adding more applications than just gaming to the Vive experience. The Vive team also announced the same post that a preview of the 360 VR movie INVASION! by   Baobab Studios who happen the be the creators of the popular Madagascar franchise. This seems to be setting the stage for a new era of VR movies and potentially a library of such movies available in the future for purchase and viewing on the HTC vive. An interesting future is being paved for VR as we see if the trend of VR will catch on or will die off due to its high entry extremely high price point.

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