AMD Official Ryzen AM4 motherboard spotted on french seller’s website

We spotted a whole lineup of AMD Ryzen AM4 motherboards today on french website These motherboards range from 100 to 330 euros and were listed on the website, unfortunately without an image. There a quite a few models so we’ll just list them below form cheapest to most expensive:

The Ryzen AM4 Motherboards listed:

ASUS Prime B350-A 99.90

ASUS Prime B350-Plus 114.90

MSI B350-Tomahawk 124.90

GIGABYTE AB350-Gaming 3 134.90

MSI X-370 Gaming Pro 199.90

GIGABYTE AX370- Gaming 5 239.90

ASUS Crosshair VI hero 294.90

MSI X370 XPOWER  Gaming Titanium 329.90

ASUS Prime X370-pro 184.90



amd ryzen AM4 leaked motherboards
An example of the leaked motherboards listings


With the release date of Ryzen approaching fast these motherboards should soon be appearing officially for purchase and so far the selection and range of prices seems great.

It really seems that times are changing for the CPU market and with all this competition prices should start dropping from the long time king intel with these new CPu’s.





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