Oneplus 5 Launch Event Stream Here- Live Updates, Price, Specs, all details here

The Oneplus 5 will be announced on June 20th at the following times: London 5:00 PM , Paris,Germany, Brussels 6:00 PM, Australia: 2:00 AM , US East Coast: 12:00 PM, US Pacific time 9:00 AM, India 10:30 PM. Watch the livestream below or follow the live update feed below. We will post a complete recap once the livestream is over.

Oneplus 5 Event Live Stream:

Watch the stream here.

Oneplus 5 Live Event Coverage:

Live coverage of the event as it progresses. Refresh the page to see new updates.

6:00 PM Live Stream Begins!

Talking about company history and product history and importance of word of mouth.

6:05 Oneplus 5 Announced!


CAMERA: 20 MPand 16MP  dual rear camera wit F/2.6 Aperture. Front 16 MP camera F/1.7 Aperture

BATTERY: 3300 mAh Dash charge

CPU: Snapdragon 835

RAM: 6 and 8 GB models LPDDR4X

STORAGE: 64 and 128 GB

DISPLAY: 5.5″ 1080 Amoled


-Bluetooth 5

-Fingerprint sensor 0.2 S unlocking..


6:09 Has a Headphone jack!

Small scare with a joke about the headphone jack.

 6:12 PM Dual Camera Explanation

Sony lens IMX398 Camera with 16MP and 20MP sensors. Increases depth of field, allows for quicker auto focus and more depth. F /.7 Aperture. Cleans noise by using images form both cameras. Uses “smart capture” chip for better zoom.

 6:15 Camera Features

Dual Camera portrait mode for sharper images.

Good low light images thanks to aperture.

Manual focus.

Adjustable shutter speed, ISO, etc…

RAW image shooting available.

6:20 Dash Charge/ Battery Explanation

Dash Charge on phone. “Provides days power in 1/2 an hour”.

Shows quicker battery charging in comparison with Samsung Galaxy S8

Quicker charging while in use compared to Oneplus 5

6:22 Smooth Experience

Snapdragon 835 dual image processors. Low light technology.

More RAM (up to 8GB) allowing for quicker app switching and more multitasking. Uses LPDDR4x RAM20% more efficient than before.

App priority readies most used apps for quick start. Stops less used apps.

Dual lane technology for quick data transfer and storage.

6:27 Oxygen OS

Refining user experience rather than rebuild android.

Optimized performance, useful features.

Reading mode senses colors around and adjusts display to reduce eye strain.

Expanded screenshots allows for taking screenshots while scrolling without having to take multiple screenshots.

6:31 User Feedback

Oxygen OS beta program.

Bug reporting platform.

Example of customer feedback helping:

Fixing poor Oneplus 3 color calibration.

Oneplus 5 supports 34 network band for true global use.

Quieter vibration motor.

6:35 Bigger Oneplus Customer Service Team

Went form 5 to 500 people in customer service in 10 locations to deal with repairs, support etc…

Reduced customer repair time by 3 since launch of Oneplus 1.

6:39 Accessories

Oneplus theme backpacks.

Otterbox produced Oneplus 5 cases.

6:40 Price

$479 US

$499 EU


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